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A Draggernaught is born not by birth but by brutal experimentation. Their thirst for blood is akin to the ageless Dracula, but where Dracula is but a myth the Draggernaught is fact. WWI bought on fearless genetic testing regime for the ultimate soldier. Strength, speed, aggression were all prized trophy traits. When the need for trophy soldiers grew beyond what statistically could be found in a normal population, genetic testing began in earnest. In what could be described as one of the most inhumane, in-despicable, indescribable acts of cruelty that could be infected on humanity, drugs that changed the DNA makeup of humans began being injected in live human subjects. Prisoners of War were the main participants. Over ten thousand people perished in cruel experimentation. Cruel effects from these drugs were clearly visible. Skin falling off, massive internal organ failure, early dementia, screams filled the hallways from the slow decay of body organs. The search for the perfect soldier had failed, until, that is, patient 1533 was found.


Patient 1533 had been given a drug which is now known as Mortanzal. This drug in its initial stages of testing was deemed a failure. No super human strength, speed or any other soldier like quality developed. Patient 1533 slept for most of his trial. He was released into general prison area after his trials concluded. His release began to coincide with the disappearance of other prisoners in camp, which initially were thought to have been prisoners who had escaped, but tracker dogs turned up no trace of the escaped prisoners outside the prison walls. It didn’t take long for the bodies to found inside the camp, mutilated beyond belief,  inside the sleeping quarters of prisoner 1533. Body parts had been severed off and blood stains were clearly evident around the mouth of Prisoner 1533. The grotesque sight of the bodies even made the guards vomit with disgust. prisoner 1533 was bought in for further testing.


Prisoner 1533 was bought back in to solitary confinement under duress. Several guards were needed to subdue him under his screams, kicking, and punching, as though he was going to suffer the ultimate death through torture. At first he seemed to have increased strength but that fact could never be confirmed. Prisoner 1533 refused to eat normal food, after the the third day doctors decided to put the remains of one of his victims in his cell. What they saw shocked many that worked in the laboratory. It’s not easy to watch a human eat another human voraciously. From that moment on his diet became one of humans. Luckily for prisoner 1533 it was easy for his captors to find human meat. The prison had an endless supply.


5 years on, and the war is nearly over, one of the doctors at the facility notices how youthful prisoner 1533 is. Dr Van Walderstein had falsely believed that a diet of humans must be good for the skin. Prisoner 1533 is released into society as the war ends. Dr Van Walderstein escapes the European continent and evades capture for his war crimes. It’s not until two decades later as the Doctor begins to slowly die of cancer that he starts his search for prisoner 1533. His discovery in the back alleys of Berlin disturbs him. He finds prisoner 1533 working as a bouncer at a nightclub. Prisoner 1533 looked as if hadn’t aged at all. It suddenly becomes clear to the Doctor that the gift or curse bestowed on prisoner 1533 is longevity. Dr Vaan Walderstein was able to make a phone call to a colleague to describe his find, but didn’t last long after he made contact with prisoner 1533. The Doctor became the next meal for prisoner 1533 and no doubt it would have been a meal he wouldn’t forget.


It seems that a single injection of Mortanzal with the addition of fresh human blood or meat allows humans to live an extended life. It’s not known for how long as no one has ever studied them. One more thing, prisoner 1533 wasn’t the only person to be injected with Mortanzal, there were thousands. Most prisoner escaped to Australia, Canada, and America. They prefer to live in isolated places, however no statistical data exists, as no one lives to tell the tale.


Trust your instincts, run as fast as you can, and scream if you must.